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Dog Likes Best provides tips, training, advice, and reviews on the essential products that your dog will ever need. Our reviews are based on unbiased research by our team of experts and recommendations by vets so you & your pooch have a happy & healthy lifestyle.

About DogLikesBest

Growing up in a place where dogs were considered as family, I’ve always adored dogs. These little companions are still a part of my family and we’ve got each other’s back. When I decided to adopt my little pups, I was confident that I can take care of their needs, but that’s where I was wrong. I realized I was nescient when it comes to dogs.

I thought that I can find something online and surfed through the web, but the only thing I found was a disappointment. That’s where I decided I will take care of my pups on my own and after months and years of observation and research, I started picking up some clues as well as their behavior pattern. Gradually, I got good at it and now I can basically understand what actually dogs in general need.

Not soon till I realized that there are a ton of other pet parents in the same boat. So I once again decided to take matters into my own hand and established this website.

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