Corgi Feeding Chart – How Much to Feed a Corgi?


Feeding Corgis is easy, but can also be tricky if not kept an eye on them.

Pet parents search for answers to related questions, such as: How much should a Corgi puppy be fed? What to feed a Corgi puppy? How much food should a Corgi eat?

We are here to answer all your questions, plus we have also prepared a Corgi feeding chart to give you better guidance. In addition, it is also important to follow the right feeding tips.

Corgi Feeding Guide

In this Corgi feeding guide, you will notice it is divided into different life stages. Plus, the food and calorie ratio is measured on the basis of Corgi’s weight and activity level.

Let’s quickly dive in and explore for better knowledge!

How Much to Feed Corgi Puppy-Feeding Chart

Well, in the first four weeks, your puppy’s main source of nutrients is his mother’s milk. It helps to build his immune system strong, and proper development of his body. You can start offering them puppy-formulated food when they reach the 6th week. At first, they will not show interest in puppy-formulated food, but you have to keep patience.

To make your feeding task easy, we have prepared a Corgi puppy feeding chart, which will guide you better to feed him the correct amount of food. It is bifurcated into the younger and older puppy stage, so you won’t jumble up while feeding him.

Corgi Puppy Feeding Chart

For instance, if your puppy is under 4 months, i.e., at a younger stage. Then, your Corgi puppy’s food amount will depend upon his weight. Suppose, he weighs around 8-12 pounds, then it is recommended to feed 1 2/3 cups daily with 649 kcal per day. On the other hand, if he is at the older puppy stage, then his calorie ratio will increase to meet his body’s requirements.

Note:- It is advisable to select the appropriate puppy-formulated food. After 4th week, starts feeding him puppy food so that he gets used to it. And when he stops his mother’s milk, it doesn’t become difficult to feed him commercial food.

Adult Corgi Feeding Ratio

Corgi puppy enters adulthood when they turn one year old, their feeding frequency, nutrient requirement, and food will change with time. Now, no need to feed them thrice or four times a day. Plus, switch to adult dog food because that will fulfill their body requirement, not the puppy-formulated food.

We have prepared a PDF of an adult Corgi feeding chart, which will help you to feed your furry pal the correct amount of food and calorie. This is because the feeding ratio of this chart is divided as per their activity level and weight.

Adult Corgi Feeding Chart

For example, your adult Corgi weighs around 26-30 pounds, and he likes to carry out physical activities, go out for a walk, etc. Then for him, it’s recommended to feed 6 cups daily with 2341 kcal per day. His body can easily digest the food, so no need to worry about his health.

Note:- You need to cut down his feeding frequency, twice a day is more than enough. Start feeding him adult dog food to meet his body requirement for better development.

Senior Corgi Feeding Ratio

With age, dogs’ activity level decreases, and their nutrient requirement changes. Similarly, your oldie Corgi’s diet will change, he will require different feeding and calorie ratio. To keep them happy and healthy, firstly, you need to switch to senior dog food. Secondly, change the feeding ratio according to his activeness, and weight.

For your reference, we have attached a PDF of a senior Corgi feeding chart, which is bifurcated into weight and activity level.

Senior Corgi Feeding Chart

Suppose, you are raising a senior Corgi, whose weight is around 20-25 pounds. Plus, he is not an active one, just likes to spend time in his comfort zone. It is recommended to feed him 1 1/4 cups daily, and the total calorie intake ratio should be 477 kcal per day.

Note:- Before switching your furry pal’s food, seek advice from the vet for better recommendations. Plus, don’t overfeed your oldie Corgi, their digestive system cannot take it, and will lead to health issues.

Corgi Feeding Tips

Corgi falls under the medium-seize breed. They quickly gain weight, and if you don’t keep a track of their food and calorie intake ratio, it will create health complications. Plus, they are prone to obesity, so feeding them the correct amount of food is essential.

PetMD states, “Pembrokes can be born with or develop abnormal joints, primarily hips and elbows. This affects both the bones and the surrounding soft tissue, such as muscle and cartilage.

Corgi Feeding Tips

Furthermore, these health issues will lead to joint pain, lameness, arthritis, etc. It’s recommended to take care of your pup’s health from the initial stage. Feed them high-quality food to avoid future health complications.

For your reference, we have jotted down the major factor list, which will help you to feed wisely to your furry pal.

1. Nutrients Guidelines

One of the important factors, to look upon while feeding your pup is to ensure his meal is enriched with all the essential nutrients.

Since, Corgis are prone to obesity, checking the nutrient list before feeding them becomes more significant. You should control their calorie intake ratio and ingredients that can add fat to your pup’s body.

It is recommended to feed them high-quality food. Their meal should be enriched with essential nutrients such as:

  • Protein
  • Healthy fat
  • Meat protein
  • Omega Fatty acid
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins and Minerals

As your Corgi will grow, its nutrient requirement will vary. It’s not necessary that you will feed the same amount of nutrients to adults and senior ones.

Note:- Once, you are done with the selection of the dog food. You can refer to our Corgi feeding chart, it will guide you to feed the correct amount of food and calorie ratio.

2. Weight Consideration

One of the significant factors to look upon while feeding your dog is to keep a check on their weight. Similarly, when you are feeding your Corgi, you must know his exact weight. And accordingly, select the feeding ratio for the feeding chart to avoid any overfeeding issues.

PetMD states, “Pembrokes are prone to being overweight, so it’s important to keep an eye on how much food they consume and if it is causing them to gain pounds.

Their body cannot take the excessive weight, so it’s advisable always to feed them as per the feeding chart. Plus, free feeding is not meant for Corgis, they will keep on eating and gaining weight.

For instance, if you are raising an adult Corgi, first check his weight, and keep an eye on their activity level. Like if he weighs around 26-30 pounds and is active. It is recommended to feed them around 2341 kcal per day.

On the other hand, if he weighs the same but is not an active one, doesn’t like to carry out the daily exercise. In such cases, it would be recommended not to feed them more calories.

Note:- Obesity issue is very common with Corgis, especially in males as compared to females.

3. Foods to Avoid

It’s a tricky task to raise a Corgi, they require more attention as compared to other breeds. As we know, Corgis are high-maintenance breeds, so you need to be more careful regarding their health.

Corgis are prone to Hip Dysplasia, so the food and calorie intake ratio should be in control. Because if they will eat whatever they want, it can worsen their health status.

Here, is a list of food/ingredients you should avoid feeding your furry pal.

  • Chocolate
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Cooked bones
  • Bread dough
  • Candy
  • Garlic, onions, or chives
  • Macadamia nuts
  • White Potatoes
  • Barley
  • Cornstarch

It is advisable to, before you place a food order for your Corgi, make sure you check the ingredients list. These are some examples of food that you should avoid feeding to your furry pal.

Note:- Once you are done, select the appropriate dog food. Then you can refer to our Corgi feeding chart, it will surely help you to feed your pup the correct amount of food and calorie intake ratio.


How Much Exercise Does A Corgi Puppy Need A Day?

Since your Corgi puppy is still in a growing stage, so it’s recommended not to carry out any hard physical activity, which can lead to joint issues. So, 5 minutes of walking every month for a puppy are more than enough. Suppose your puppy is 5 months old, then a 25-minute walk or any other light physical activity is more than enough for his body.

Should You Feed Corgi Puppy Supplements?

Well, if you feed your Corgi puppy correctly, with an adequate amount of nutrients in one meal. Then you don’t need to feed him any kind of supplements because his body is already getting the required nutrients. But, if you are feeding him only homemade puppy food, then there are chances that his body might need extra supplements t for better development of the body.

How many times a day should a Corgi poop?

A rule of thumb is that dogs should poop once a day. So, your Corgi should also at least poop once a day, it’s possible that your pup can poop more than once a day. But make sure it should not exceed more than 5 times a day. This is because if he frequently goes for a poop, then it means his digestive system is not working properly, and you need to take him to the vet for a checkup.

Why Is My Corgi Always Hungry?

It has been noticed that Corgi doesn’t easily understand their stomach is full. When you feed him a small number of treats just as a form of snack, they demand more because they couldn’t resist the taste of the treat. They love to eat, so if you don’t stop them at the right time, it could be possible that they will turn into greedy eaters and that leads to weight gain issues.

How Much Should A Corgi Puppy Eat?

Well, the amount of food and calories solely depend on your Corgi’s body. During the puppy stage, just like other breeds, they also require a balanced amount of puppy-formulated food to meet their body’s requirements. It is recommended to feed them thrice or four times a day. On an average basis, 649 kcal per day is more than enough for the young Corgi puppy.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Here, concluding our blog on Corgi feeding chart-How much to feed?

Now, you have understood how to select the correct amount of food for a Corgi puppy, when to switch from Corgi puppy food to adult food, and other related points.

Just remember one thing, if you follow the Corgi feeding chart carefully, you don’t have to worry much about his feeding schedule. According to their life stage, weight, and activity level, the food and calorie ratio is given on a daily basis to feed them.

You can even download our Corgi feeding chart, for your future preference.

Happy feeding!