How Much to Feed a Doberman? With Feeding Chart


Large and giant breeds have sensitive stomachs and are prone to joint issues. It’s important to feed them correctly, enriched with essential nutrients.

Do you know: how much to feed a Doberman puppy? How many times to feed a Doberman? Any idea regarding feeding tips?

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Doberman Feeding Guide

In this blog, you will get all your answers, plus we have prepared a Doberman feeding chart. It is bifurcated into life stage, weight, and activity level.

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How Much to Feed a Doberman Puppy-Feeding Chart

Generally, it has been noticed that in the initial weeks, puppies prefer their mother’s milk. In the case of a Doberman puppy, it’s the same rule of thumb, up to 4 weeks, they prefer only their mother’s milk. After that, if you offer them puppy-formulated food, they will take interest in that food. Until the age of 6 weeks, they will stop their mother’s milk and shift to puppy-formulated food.

Furthermore, it’s recommended to feed them thrice or four times a day. Because they are at a developing age, so, their body needs more food to match their energy level. During this stage, their metabolism also works effectively. So, no need to worry about digestion issues if fed the correct amount of food.

Doberman Puppy Feeding Chart

For your convenience, we have attached a Doberman puppy feeding chart as per their weight. You can simply refer to the feeding guide and feed your puppy the correct amount of food with the appropriate calorie ratio.

For example, if you are raising a younger Doberman puppy, first check his weight with the help of a bathroom scale or visit the vet clinic. After getting the exact weight, check the Doberman puppy feeding guide and select the feeding proportion. Like if he weighs around 5 to 15 pounds, then 1 2/3 cup daily with 649 kcal per day is more than enough for your puppy.

Make sure that you divide this ratio into three or four equal intervals and then feed your puppy. It will help to keep a track of his food ratio.

Note:- Before selecting puppy-formulated food, it is advisable to get full knowledge about this health. Like, as which ingredients are suitable for him or not, and accordingly select one.

Adult Doberman Feeding Ratio

Your Doberman puppy turns into an adult when he is 2 years old. In fact, they reach their maximum height when they are just 1 year old. In other words, these larger breeds grow rapidly. It’s your responsibility to feed them the correct food with essential nutrients during every stage of their life.

Keeping all these things in mind, we have attached a PDF of an Adult Doberman feeding chart. This will not only help you to feed him the correct amount of food, but also fix his feeding schedule. Because now you have to cut down his meal frequency to twice a day.

Adult Doberman Feeding Chart

For instance, your Adult Doberman is super active by nature. He likes to take part in any activity and weighs around 56 to 70 pounds. In such cases, it is recommended to feed them 11 cups daily, with 4300 kcal per day. On the other hand, if he is low active with the same weight, then you need to cut down his feeding ratio and calorie ratio.

Note:- It is advisable to seek the vet’s advice on when to stop feeding him puppy-formulated food. So, that you can start feeding him adult dog food on time with the required nutrients for better health.

Senior Doberman Feeding Ratio

As we know, Dobermans belong to a larger breed section. But it doesn’t mean that as they will grow it’s necessary to feed them high-protein, carbohydrates. This is because their growth is rapid and if you keep on feeding them high nutrients’ food then it can lead to joint issues, digestion problems, and other severe health issues.

For your preference, we have prepared a Senior Doberman feeding chart, which will give you a clear image as per their weight, and activity level. So, that you can feed him the correct amount of food and calorie.

Senior Doberman Feeding Chart

Let me explain it to you with an example, you are raising a Senior Doberman who weighs around 76 to 90 pounds. But your furry pal is not an active one, now he just likes to spend his time in his comfort zone. In such a scenario, it is recommended to feed him 3 1/4 cups daily, and the total calorie ratio should be around 1269 kcal per day.

On the other hand, if he weighs the same but is moderately active in his senior hood. It is recommended to feed him around 1481 kcal per day.

Note:- Consult the vet, and do the necessary changes to your Senior Doberman food. If you keep on feeding him adult dog food, then he will not be getting appropriate nutrients as per his age and health.

Doberman Feeding Tips

Now, you know it very well, your Doberman requires how many cups a day with calorie ratio. Let’s have a look at the feeding tips, which include major factors such as nutritional needs, weight considerations, and which food needs to be avoided.

Apart from feeding the correct amount of amount to your furry pal. It’s also important to take good care of his health. They are prone to stomach-related issues such as GDV/bloating issues.

Doberman Feeding Chart

If you follow the feeding tips and feeding chart carefully, then your Doberman will not face any health issues. It will also help to keep him happy and healthy for a longer period of time.

1. Nutritional Needs

The most important nutrient for the Doberman is protein. So, make sure your dog’s food’s first ingredients should be a source of protein like chicken, meat, beef, fish, egg, etc. Along with protein, other essential nutrients like fatty acids, carbohydrates vitamins, and minerals are also significant for the better development of your furry pal’s body.

PetMD states, “Adding Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA/EPA) to your Doberman’s diet. These act as natural anti-inflammatories and help to support the skin, coat, kidneys, joints, and heart.

Here’s some advice, always look for high-quality food, which is enriched with all the essential nutrients. It will not only help in better development of your furry pal’s health. But also maintain a shiny coat, and prevent his body from getting affected by any severe diseases.

2. Weight Consideration

Dobermans belong to the larger breeds category. They grow rapidly, if not kept in the control of their diet/ calories it will lead to weight gain issues. Body weight will give pressure on their joints, resulting in skeletal malformations.

VCA states, “Bones that grow too quickly are less dense making the skeleton, including joints, weak. Exponential growth accompanied by increased body mass puts additional strain on bones and joints. So puppies should not get too fat!

Before following Doberman’s feeding chart, it’s important to check his weight, that will help you to feed him the correct amount of food.

For instance, your adult Doberman is a super active one and weighs around 56-70 pounds. Plus, always ready to take part in physical activities, needs daily exercise, etc. In such cases, they will demand more food to meet their body’s requirements. It is recommended to feed him, 4300 kcal per day.

Note:- Follow the Doberman feeding guide, according to his weight, and the activity level you can select the feeding ratio.

3. Foods to Avoid

Dobermans have very sensitive stomachs, if not fed properly it can lead to severe health issues. Your Doberman is prone to stomach issues, GDV/bloating issue is very common in them. It’s very important to take care of their diet, and avoid feeding them ingredients/food which can affect their body in a bad way.

Here’s a list of human foods that should never be given to your Doberman:

  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Onion and Garlic
  • Avocado
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Fruit pits

These human foods are considered toxic for your furry pal. It should be totally avoided feeding your Doberman. This is because they have a sensitive stomach. If not fed correctly it will create issues in digestion, which will further lead to other stomach issues such as GDV/Bloat, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

Note:- Chicken, Turkey, Eggs, Fish, and Beef, is a good source of protein that can help to boost muscle growth. It also includes other essential nutrients, which help in easy digestion.


How many times to feed a Doberman puppy?

At the initial stage of life, Doberman Puppies are in a growing phase. They required more food, and calories for the better development of their body. It is recommended to feed them four times a day. Make sure you are dividing their per-day food and calorie ratio into four equal intervals. This will prevent you from overfeeding him.

How much exercise do Dobermans need?

As Dobermans belong to the long breed category. Their energy level also differs from the other breeds, and so do their exercises. They require at least 2 hours of exercise daily. It is recommended to take them out for a walk, jogging, playing fun activities, carrying out more physical activities, etc.

When do Dobermans stop teething?

Generally, in the 12th week, a Doberman puppy enters a teething phase. This continues till they are three months old. During the teething stage, you will notice your furry pal chewing behavior increases, they will eat less, gets irritated, etc.

What do Dobermans eat?

Well, Doberman Pinschers require a healthy diet to meet their body requirements. Their balanced meal should include all the essential nutrients, which helps in easy digestion. You can feed him chicken, lamb, beef, brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc.

Well, It’s a Wrap

Hopefully, we have given an ample amount of information regarding the Dobermans feeding schedule and our feeding chart will help you to maintain his health.

Always keep in mind when you are referring to the Doberman feeding chart, first get an estimate of his current age and then check which feeding ratio is appropriate for him. Plus, for different life-stage, there are different feeding ratios, so don’t get confused while feeding him.

Along with the Doberman feeding chart, now you also have an idea of feeding tips. Just refer to the feeding chart, fix the schedule, and you will see it’s so easy to feed your Doberman puppy.