The 7 Best Dog Leashes for Hiking in 2023

We selected the 7 best dog leashes for hiking that are durable, comfortable, and affordable for your next adventure with your furry friend.

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Hiking on the trails in the forest or up the gentle slopes of mountains with your dog by your side, is what we really call fun.

After all the health check-up and training, the one thing that can mess up your hiking with a dog is a wrong leash.

Keeping him under your control while hiking is beneficial for your and even his safety. Hence, having a perfect dog leash for hiking is essential.

The best dog leash for hiking will keep him comfortable, safe, help him walk well, and even close to you while you take a break.

Sounds fun right?

So without wasting any further time let us know what all you need to know about hiking dog leashes that we believe will make your hiking adventure more fun.


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How to Choose the Best Dog Leash for Hiking?

Hiking with a furry friend in a cool breeze is just what adventure lovers dream of, and trust us the right leash is the most essential accessory you need for it.

So here’s how you can make the right choice.


The most important factor to consider while choosing a hiking leash is its type.

We recommend investing in a hands-free leash for hiking as it gives you the needed freedom to hold your stuff together rather than just your dog. As per americanhiking ” A collar or harness will help to identify your dog as a pet, particularly if it is made of a colorful material that can be seen from a distance.

A standard dog leash is as well perfect for hiking with your pooch. But you need to make sure it is durable and easy to hold.

So get a dog leash either hands-free or hands-on that is comfortable, easy to use and most importantly durable.


Either hands-on or hands-free the handle of your leash matters the most as an uncomfortable handle can leave you frustrated.

Your pooch can sense your discomfort sooner than anyone and is even likely to get anxious and nervous while hiking.

So make sure you have a rightly padded handle to have a better grip and hold over your pooch. To make your hiking fun and stress-free.


While hiking you should not always expect to have your pooch walking just by your side.

A flexible and extendable dog leash provides a full range of motion to your dog while hiking.

But most often flexible leashes are difficult to gain control of your dogs. So make sure your pooch is well-behaved.


Hiking can get your furry friend overexcited, and he is likely to start playing with a leash, running, or pulling.

So it is important to have a leash that can withstand intensive pulling, and tugging.

If your leash is not enough durable it can break in the middle of your adventure and spoil all the fun you imagined.

Reflective Stitching

Reflective sticking is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to getting a leash for hiking.

The reflectivity of the leash will keep you and your pooch safe in no or low light areas while hiking and camping.

So make sure your leash has reflective stitches at least on one side of the belt.

The 7 Best Leashes for Hiking

We have listed for you the 7 best dog leashes for hiking that you can get for your next hiking with your pooch to keep him safe, under your control as well as to give him all the freedom he deserves while on a walk. So read on and pick your favorite.

1. SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash

To begin with we have for you SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash, one of the best hiking dog leash.

With hand free feature and two easy-grip handles, this wrap around your waist leash is perfect for hiking and other adventures.

The safety of a quick release button makes it ideal for hiking.

Specifically designed for adventures with a dog, the makers know how difficult it can get to handle over-excited dogs while hiking.

So this leash has some amazing elements like security clips on the belt, appropriately padded handles and shock absorbing cord to make hiking more fun with your pooch.

The stainless steel clasp has a strong and durable hold over the dog.

Best Hiking Dog Leash

Key Features

  • Size: 5.6 feet
  • Material: Nylon
  • Type: Hands-free
  • Stainless steel clasp
  • Rubber handle

Whether you want to hike with a leash in your hands or go hands-free, this leash is perfect for both as it has a rubber handle for a better grip.

This hiking leash is shock-absorbing that sustains intensive pulling quite easily.

The only downside of this hiking leash is that people with a smaller waist need to frequently adjust the strap when used hands-free.

Other than that it is affordable, long-lasting, and easy to use hands free dog leash for hiking.


  • Dual handle design for better grip and control.
  • Convenient storage bag to pack the leash.
  • Shock absorbing bungee to control heavy pullers.
  • Available in amazing color options.


  • People with a smaller waist needs to adjust the waist belt frequently.

Advice: This product is specifically designed for medium and large dogs on hiking and so using it for smaller dogs can be heavy.

2. RUFFWEAR – Flat Out Dog Leash

If you are a frequent hiker, you don’t want a leash that gives up before you and your pooch. And something that is versatile enough to use in all different trails either short or long.

So we have for you RUFFWEAR – Flat Out Dog Leash, that can be hand-held, hands-free, or can even be secured to a tree or post while resting.

This is one of the best hiking dog leashes as its swiveling talon clip is strong and secure. This makes it easier to clip anywhere to the harness or collar just the way you want.

The adjustable padded handle with a side release buckle makes hiking more fun and hassle-free.

The traffic handle near the clip provides quick restraint whenever needed.

Key Features

  • Size: 6 feet
  • Material: Nylon
  • Type: Hands-free
  • Reflective Tubelok webbing

The accessory loop for pickup bags and small items makes it much versatile to use, hence we feel it is one of the best hiking leashes for dogs.

You might find it comparatively expensive but is worth every single penny if you are a frequent hiker as it is a comfortable, durable, and versatile hiking leash for dogs.


  • Reflective webbing for nighttime visibility.
  • Accessory loop for better functionality.
  • Handheld as well as hands-free hiking leash for better comfort.
  • Appropriately padded handles for stronghold and grip.


  • A bit expensive compared to most of the leashes for hiking.

3. BAAPET 5 FT Strong Dog Leash

Hiking with your pooch on a budget just got easier with this BAAPET 5 FT Strong Dog Leash, so you spend less on a leash and more on dog treats.

This dog leash has amazing elements to make your hiking fun and hassle-free.

This dog leash is durable to withstand heavy tugging and pulling whenever your dog gets over-excited.

It has comfortable padded handles so you do not really need to worry about rope burns.

This hiking leash not only is extremely affordable and durable, but it has various elements like reflective stitching, a durable nylon rope, and a zinc alloy clasp that makes it one of the best hiking leashes for dogs.

Key Features:

  • Size: 5 feet
  • Material: Nylon
  • Type: Rope Leash
  • Reflective Thread

The clasp of this hiking leash rotates 360 degrees so that your pooch can have enough freedom while hiking.

The only issue with this leash is that the foam handle tends to collect dust over time and the color might fade as well.

But other than that it is durable and strong enough to withstand pulling and tugging without giving you rope burns.


  • Comfortable foam padded handle for better hold while hiking.
  • Extremely affordable yet durable hiking dog leash.
  • Reflective stitches for low or no light visibility.


  • The foam handle gets dusty quickly.
  • The colors of the hiking rope leash can fade over time.

4. Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash for Hiking

Looking for a leash that provides you utmost freedom while hiking with your pooch?

Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Dog Leash for Hiking is one of the best leashes for hiking you can get.

With this dog leash, you won’t end up with hand burns, wrist, shoulder, and neck strains.

It is specifically designed for hiking with medium and large dogs. But that does not mean small dogs can’t have it. Just using the bungee section of the leash properly won’t be possible.

Key Features

  • Size: 48 inch
  • Material: Nylon
  • Type: Hands-free
  • Easy Glide Belt Clip

This leash also has reflective stitching for night visibility.

No matter how excited your pooch gets while hiking and starts pulling, this leash absorbs shock. You will just need to readjust the waist strap frequently for comfort.

This leash is slightly expensive. But its excellent functionality and durability are worth the investment.


  • Heavy-duty nylon material for better durability.
  • Flexible and versatile leash for hiking.
  • Absorbs shock and withstands heavy pulling.
  • Reflective stitches for night visibility.


  • The waist belt needs frequent adjustment.
  • A bit more expensive than most hands-free leashes.

5. Black Rhino Hiking Dog Leash

Hiking can be an adventure only when you and your pooch are having enough fun.

The Black Rhino Hiking Dog Leash is long enough to provide you and your pooch unhindered mobility.

Its amazing features like reflective stitches, padded handles, long length, and utmost durability make it one of the best leashes for hiking.

This hiking dog leash has two handles with appropriate padding.

The one at the end of the leash allows the leash to extend up to 6 feet. While the other just one foot away from the collar helps you keep the dog closer to you when required.

It does not work well for small dogs while hiking but perfect for medium and large dogs.

Black Rhino Hiking Dog Leash

Key Features

  • Size: 6 Feet
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Type: Standard Dog Leash
  • Attached poop bag handle

This Black Rhino Dog Leash is durable, and weather-resistant, for an amazing hiking experience with your pooch.

The only issue with this leash is that it is not chew-proof and if you are getting this leash make sure your dog is not a heavy chewer.

Other than that it a perfect dog leash for hiking with all the necessary features you need in a leash while hiking.


  • Extremely durable heavy-duty dog leash for hiking.
  • Weather-resistant with reflective stitches for added safety of leash and dogs.
  • Appropriately padded handles for better grip of the leash.


  • Not durable for heavy chewers.

6. LANNEY Hands Free Dog Leash

Hands-free leashes have made hiking more fun and comfortable. Even this LANNEY Hands-Free Dog Leash isn’t an exception to it.

This hiking leash is shock-resistant so no matter how heavy puller your dog is you will surely be able to get him under your control.

The shock-absorbing bungee cord reduces the chances of getting your back or shoulder strained or injured.

It is 51 inches long and is even extendable up to 76 inches, to give your dog mobility while hiking. It is perfect if you are planning backpacking with your dog.

The dual padded handles help you have a better grip and hold of the leash whenever you need to control him.

It has an adjustable waist belt with a strong D-ring. This allows you to attach an extra leash to it if you want to take two dogs along with you.

Key Features

  • Size: 51 inches and extends up to 76 inches
  • Material: Nylon, neoprene, metal
  • Type: Hands-free
  • Multifunctional Bag

The only downside of this hands-free hiking leash is that the hook of the leash is a bit tight, and you might need some time getting used to it.

Other than that it is a pretty good and durable dog leash for hiking


  • Premium quality nylon dog leash for better durability.
  • 360-degree rotation clasp that keeps the leash tangle-free.
  • Shock absorbing bungee leash to keep your back and waist safe.
  • Dual padded handles for better grip and control.
  • Multifunctional bag to carry dog treats while hiking.


  • The metal claps are a bit tight and might be difficult to use initially.
  • Not waterproof.

7. MayPaw Heavy Duty Rope Dog Leash

If you own a well-trained pooch, hiking with them would just be hassle-free. So giving your pooch all the freedom and fun it deserves on the trails is a good idea.

To end this list of best hiking dog leashes we have for you MayPaw Heavy Duty Rope Dog Leash.

It is just as durable as any other premium leash.

Also, this dog leash is 6 feet long and strong. This eventually provides full freedom to the dog while hiking.

This leash is perfect for small as well as large dogs.

The appropriately padded handles make it easier to control your stronger pullers while climbing, hiking, and walking.

It also has a 360-degree rotation clasp to make sure your dog won’t tangle the leash in midway.

The best part about this leash is that it won’t cost you a lot. It is an extremely affordable yet durable dog leash currently available in the market.

MayPaw Heavy Duty Rope Dog Leash

Key Features

  • Size: 6 feet
  • Material: Nylon
  • Type: Bungee Rope
  • Appropriately padded handle

It does not have reflective stitches, and so we recommend avoiding its use during night walks.

But it surely does have some amazing color options you can choose from.


  • Extremely affordable 6 feet long bungee rope leash.
  • 360-degree rotation clasp to keep it tangle-free.
  • Soft padded neoprene handles for better grip and control.
  • Available in amazing color options.


  • Not for small-breed dogs.
  • Lacks reflective stitching and hence should not be used in no or low light areas.

FAQs About Hiking Dog Leash

Why do you need to pick a different leash for hiking?

Not all leashes are made for hiking and running.

Dogs tend to give up after a specific time and so you need a leash that absorbs shock and is comfortable for your pooch. The leash should help him while hiking.

Also, the padded handles whether hands-on or hands-free is essential for hikers’ comfort and safety.

What leash is comfortable while hiking, hands-on or hands-free?

This largely depends on your dog’s breed, hiking area, duration of hiking, and most importantly your comfort.

You need a leash that provides your pooch with enough freedom to make hiking adventurous without making it difficult to control him.

Usually, most hikers prefer the best hands-free leashes as it provides freedom to dog owners as well.

Which are the best small dogs for hiking?

If you are a frequent hiker and want to adopt a pooch that accompanies you for such adventures you can get small dog breeds like Beagle, Dachshund, and Jack Russell Terriers. These dogs are intelligent, athletic, and energetic.

How much do leashes for hiking cost?

According to appalachiantrailKeeping your dog on leash is a small price to pay for being able to share hiking adventures with them.” Dog leashes for hiking are not expensive and so you can get a durable and comfortable hiking dog leash between $10 to$20 on average.

But if you are looking for a premium quality versatile dog leash for hiking you will get it between $20 to $30 approximately.

Final Note

We hope these 7 best hiking dog leashes helped you to get yourself the best dog leash for hiking. So no need to miss your pooch while you are hiking on the trails in the forest or up the gentle slopes of mountains.

He can accompany you anywhere and everywhere with these best dog leashes for hiking.

If you ask us our personal favorite is the SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash. This dog leash is affordable, versatile, and durable. It can easily withstand intensive pulling and tugging. But if not yours, we are sure one from the rest six will surely be.

So prepare your pooch for his next hiking trip with the best options listed above.


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