English Bulldog Feeding Chart – How Much to Feed?


The English bulldog motto is Eat, Sleep, Be Happy!.

Well, the English Bulldog falls under the medium-sized breed category. They love to eat, but if you don’t keep an eye on them, they can turn into greedy eaters.

One should be clear with the questions like how much to feed English Bulldogs. What to feed English Bulldog? What do English Bulldogs eat?

English Bulldog Feeding Guide

So, in this blog, we have given answers related to the English Bulldog feeding guide. Plus, we have also prepared the English Bulldog feeding chart, which will guide you in a better way to feed him wisely.

Let’s quickly dive in to explore all the answers.

How Much to Feed English Bulldog Puppy-Feeding Chart

Feeding a puppy is a bit tricky as compared to adult dogs because their feeding habits quickly change as they start growing. In the initial days, English Bulldogs prefer their mother’s milk.

After 4 weeks, they will show interest in puppy-formulated food. When they reach the 6th week, they will stop their mother’s milk and rely on puppy food. They should be fed at least thrice or four times a day because their body is at the growing stage.

English Bulldog Puppy Feeding Chart

For accurate feeding, you can refer to our English Bulldog puppy feeding chart. It is divided into younger and older puppy stages, so you won’t get confused while feeding your pal.

For instance, you bring home a Bulldog puppy who is just 7 weeks old, which means he is at the younger puppy stage. You first need to check his weight, suppose he weighs around 8-12 pounds. Then in such a case, you need to feed him 1 2/3 cups daily (divided into four equal proportions), and the total calorie intake ratio should be around 649 kcal per day.

Note:- Consult the vet, and select puppy-formulated food for your English Bulldog puppy. Make sure you start providing him puppy food from the 5th week, so he can quickly transition to puppy food.

Adult English Bulldog Feeding Ratio

Adult English Bulldogs will not grow taller, their chest size, and weight will increase until they turned 2 years old. You need to switch from puppy-formulated to adult food, to meet their body requirement. In fact, at the age of 1 only, you should start offering him adult dog food, so that he starts adapting to the transition of food quickly.

We have also prepared an adult English Bulldog feeding chart, which is bifurcated into life stages, weight, and activity level. This guide will surely help you to feed your Bulldog correctly, and you will not get confused regarding the calorie and food ratio.

Adult English Bulldog Feeding Chart

For instance, if you are raising an adult English Bulldog, that weighs around 40-45 pounds with a moderate activity level. Then in such cases, it is recommended to feed them 8 1/4 cups daily, and the total calorie intake ratio should be 3201 kcal per day.

Note:- You need to cut down his meal frequency from four times to two times a day. Keep an eye on his weight, and activity level. English Bulldog puppy feeding schedule, will prevent you from overfeeding your furry pal.

Senior English Bulldog Feeding Ratio

As we know, Bulldogs are not super active as compared to other breeds. So, with age, their moderate activity level decreases, which impacts their metabolism system.

Furthermore, when Bulldog reaches their seniority, it is recommended to feed them senior dog food. This is because, with age, their nutrient requirement also varies.

Senior English Bulldog Feeding Chart

For your reference, we have prepared a Senior English Bulldog feeding chart. If you follow it correctly, you will not face any confusion while feeding your pal.

Let me explain it to you with an example, your senior English Bulldog weighs around 46-50 pounds and is inactive, only likes to take rest. In such a scenario, it is recommended to feed him 2 1/6 cups daily, with 842 kcal per day. On the other hand, if he is a bit active with the same weight, then you can increase the calorie ratio as given in the old English Bulldog feeding chart.

Note:- Don’t forget to switch to senior dog food. Plus, take the vet’s advice regarding your oldie Bulldog, and select his food according to his health.

English Bulldog Feeding Tips

English Bulldog has unique features, a charming personality, and goofy nature. They love eating, but if you don’t keep track of their diet, they can turn into greedy eaters. This will create health issues for them in the future.

To help you out, we have some feeding tips, which will guide you to feed correctly to your furry pal. We have covered some major factors like nutritional guidelines, weight considerations, and foods to avoid.

English Bulldog Feeding Tips

If you follow these tips, you will be able to fix the feeding schedule for your English Bulldog, and won’t jumble up while feeding him.

1. Nutritional Guidelines

Generally, it is recommended to feed your dog a balanced meal, enriched with all the essential nutrients. Similarly, the English Bulldog requires an adequate amount of protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals in their meal.

While selecting the dog food for your pup, check the ingredients list. It will help you to get the knowledge that food will be appropriate for your pup.

Furthermore, PetMD states, “Multiple supplements can help maintain the overall health of the English Bulldog. Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil, and glucosamine supplements can improve and maintain healthy skin and joints.

In addition, protein is a good source of amino acids, carbohydrates act as a fuel, which is good to increase the energy level. Plus, healthy fats help your pup’s skin glow and maintain the shine of his coat.

After selecting the appropriate food for your Bulldog, you can refer to our English Bulldog feeding guide. It will surely help you to feed your pup the correct amount of food. Plus, you can keep a track of the calorie intake ratio. In this way, he will not gain any unwanted fat and live a healthy life.

2. Monitor Weight

Bulldogs are prone to obesity, and they just love eating food, be it dog food or human food. Furthermore, English Bulldogs don’t like to go out for a walk or carry out any physical activities. If you do not keep an eye on his diet, they will not stop ingesting food, which will lead to weight gain and other health issues.

Obesity can lead to various health issues in Bulldogs and can impact your pup’s lifestyle.

It is recommended to first check his weight by using the bathroom scale or visit the vet and get the exact weight figure. Accordingly, refer to our English Bulldog feeding chart, to feed your pup the correct amount of food.

For example, if you are raising an adult English Bulldog who is not so active, just like to eat and rest. His weight is around 46-50 pounds, it is recommended to feed him, 1403 kcal per day. But, if he weighs the same and is moderately active, then you can increase the calorie intake ratio such as around 3507 kcal per day.

Note:- It is advisable to feed your English Bulldog as per his weight and activity level. Make sure you don’t overfeed him, this will help you to provide him with a healthy lifestyle.

3. Foods to Avoid

It is important to feed your Bulldog, the correct amount of food, and ingredients should be suitable for their health. While selecting dog food for your English Bulldog, don’t forget to check the ingredients list.

For instance, meat protein should be the primary ingredient, followed by other required essential ingredients.

For your reference, here are lists of foods to avoid feeding your furry pal.

  • Chocolate
  • Xylitol
  • Raw Bread Dough
  • Dairy Products
  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Onion and Garlic
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Fatty Foods
  • Mushrooms

All these food/ingredients are toxic for your English Bulldog, be careful while feeding him.

Once you are done with the selection of appropriate food for your dog. The next step is to refer to the feeding chart. It will help you to feed him the correct amount of food on time.

Note:- Seek advice from the vet, about your Bulldog’s health, whether they are allergic to any ingredients or not, etc. This will help you to prevent your Bulldog from facing any health issues. Because they have a sensitive stomach, you should be careful when it comes to feeding them.


How much should a 4 month old English Bulldog eat?

Well, English Bulldogs’ feeding ratio depends upon their age, weight, and activity level. If we talk about a 4-month-old Bulldog puppy, then on an average base, it is recommended to feed 649 kcal per day. For detailed information, you can refer to our English Bulldog feeding chart.

What to feed an English Bulldog puppy?

It is recommended to feed a balanced meal enriched with all the essential nutrients, which your Bulldog’s body needs for development. According to AKCBulldogs love to chew on everything in sight, especially when they’re teething. Give your Bulldog a sturdy rubber toy to chew on, recommends Fontanos.” For instance, go for high-quality food which includes chicken, lamb, beef, and fish as their primary ingredients followed by other essential ingredients to make a healthy meal.

What can English Bulldogs not eat?

Well, Bulldogs cannot eat chocolates, onion, garlic, raisins, caffeine, xylitol, etc. All these are toxic to your English Bulldog’s health. It can lead to severe health issues if ingested in large quantities.

What fruits can English bulldogs eat?

Yes, you can feed fruits to your English Bulldog in moderation, and don’t forget to remove seeds, and pits while feeding. For instance, apples, cucumbers, oranges, mango, peaches, pears, pineapple, etc. These fruits are safe for your furry pal.

Can Bulldogs eat scrambled eggs?

Eggs are full of nutrients, yes you can feed yo your Bulldog in small proportions. Make sure you are feeding him on an occasional basis. Because they don’t need any extra nutrients, their diet already includes all the essential nutrients.

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Well, It’s a Wrap!

Now, referring to the English Bulldog feeding chart, you will easily be able to feed your pup the correct amount of food, and calories.

Remember, every breed’s food habits are different, it solely depends upon their lifestyle. Similarly, Bulldogs of different ages do not consume one type of food and calorie. Their feeding ratio also varies as per their weight, life stages, and activity level.

Along with the feeding chart, we have also covered the feeding tips. If you follow that, you won’t get confused about how to fix the feeding schedule of your furry pal. From there, you get an idea of nutrients, weight considerations, foods to avoid, etc. Accordingly, select the appropriate food for your English Bulldog and feed him.

Feel free to download our PDF of an English Bulldog feeding chart, and share your experience with us in the comment box.