Husky Feeding Chart – How Much to Feed a Husky?


Huskies are one of the most beautiful dog breeds. They are mischievous yet disciplined, and they prefer consistency. So, if you train them correctly, they will follow your command.

We can’t deny the fact, that it’s a tricky thing to raise a Husky and look after its feeding habits. This is because they’re not greedy, but if you don’t feed them correctly, then there are chances they will continue eating until their stomach is full. Plus, it’s also important to look after the food ingredients he is eating.

Husky Feeding Guide

For your convenience, we have prepared a Husky feeding chart, which is bifurcated into life stages, weight, and activity level. If you follow it wisely, you won’t face any problems in feeding your furry pal.

Along with that, we have also covered the feeding tips, which will improve your knowledge and help to take wise decisions while selecting the dog food for your Husky pal.

How Much to Feed a Husky Puppy-Feeding Chart

Well, the rule of thumb for feeding puppies is that for up to 4 weeks they prefer their mother’s milk, as it helps their bones to grow strong. Similarly, in the case of Husky puppies, after 4th week they start taking interest in semi-solid food along with their mother’s milk. When they reach the 6th week, they totally rely on the puppy-formulated food for better growth or development of the body.

It is recommended to feed them at least thrice or four times a day. This is because their body is in a developing state and their stamina, and energy level is at an increasing point. They will require more food to meet the requirements of their body.

Husky Puppy Feeding Chart

We have prepared a Husky puppy feeding chart, this will surely help you to feed your puppy correctly. Plus, we have bifurcated the Siberian Husky puppy feeding chart into younger and older puppy stages for more clarity.

Suppose, you have a younger Siberian Husky whose weight is around 5-15 pounds. In such a case, it is recommended to feed 1 2/3 cups daily (it should be divided into four equal proportions) with 649 kcal per day.

On the other hand, your older Husky puppy will be required more calories because his energy level will be more. At this age, their metabolism will also work effectively, so you don’t have to think much about digestion.

Note:- Make sure at the correct age and time you start feeding your Husky puppy-formulated food. This is because feeding correct food with appropriate nutrients helps in the speedy development of the body.

Adult Husky Feeding Ratio

Siberian Husky puppy reaches adulthood at the age of one, and from then onwards it’s advisable to offer them adult dog food. When they turn 2 they finally take interest in the recommended adult dog food. Their meal frequency level also decreases, like twice a day is more than enough.

Huskyrescue States”These dogs require a higher than average protein in their diet. That means if you are feeding kibble, the protein content should be close to 30% to 40% (depending on the activity level of the dog). The fat content should be around 18% to 20%.

Siberian Husky is not greedy, they will not demand food from your plate. In fact, they are well-disciplined, once you will stop them or command them “no”, they won’t demand you to feed from your plate.

So, if you follow our Adult Husky feeding chart, you will not make mistakes. Plus, your furry pal will get the correct amount of food enriched with all the essential nutrients.

Adult Husky Feeding Chart

Let me explain to you with an example, if you are raising a Siberian Husky that a few months back entered into adulthood. To select the feeding proportion, you first need to check his weight and look after his activity level. Suppose your adult Siberian Husky weighs around 45-50 pounds. It’s recommended to feed them 9 cups daily, with a total calorie intake ratio of 3479 kcal per day.

If he weighs the same but is not an active one. Then in that case you need to cut down the calorie ratio, it should be around 1392 kcal per day. This will prevent you from overfeeding him and will keep him healthy.

Note:- When your Husky enters adulthood, it’s recommended to discuss the diet with the vet, and they will guide you to select the appropriate adult dog food. Which will not create any health issues for him in the future.

Senior Husky Feeding Ratio

Generally, as dogs grow old their activity level decreases, their metabolism slows down, and their body fights against diseases. Similarly, when Husky reaches seniority, their immune system gets weak, and metabolism slows down, which affects their activity level.

During this phase, it’s important to keep an eye on their food habits and make sure that they are eating the correct amount of food. So, for your reference, we have prepared a Senior Husky feeding chart. This chart will guide you to feed your pup correctly and prevent him from any health issues.

Senior Husky Feeding Chart

For example, your Senior Husky whose weight is around 55-60 pounds with low activity level. It is recommended to feed him 2 1/2 cups daily, and the calorie intake ratio should be 964 kcal per day.

On the other hand, even after being senior if he is still moderately active then his feeding ratio will vary the calorie intake ratio will be around 1124 kcal per day with the same weight.

Note:- It’s advisable to take your Senior Husky to the vet clinic. Let them examine him properly, and according to his health, they will guide you to select the senior dog food for your furry pal.

Siberian Husky Feeding Tips

Siberian Husky are medium-sized breeds. They are mischievous and known for their immense output to carry out physical activities. Furthermore, Husky needs a healthy diet, which can match their stamina and energy level.

Siberian Husky Feeding Tips

In addition, it has been noticed that if you will train them correctly, they will strictly follow your rules. From day one, it’s recommended to train them regarding their food habits. It not only helps in keeping them disciplined, but also their health will be maintained for a longer period of time.

Let’s explore the major factors upon which feeding tips are based, and accordingly follow the Husky feeding chart for providing a better lifestyle.

1. Nutritional Guidelines

One of the important factors to consider, when feeding your furry pal, is to ensure that the food you are providing him is full of nutrients, which his body needs for better function and growth.

Siberian Husky is a super active breed, he carries out hard physical activities. To keep that stamina, and energy level, it’s important they should get a premium diet.

PetMD states. “Because Huskies enjoy days filled with heart-pounding exercise, feed them a good commercial diet approved by AAFCO. A diet that includes joint supplements such as glucosamine will help keep their joints healthy.

To provide them with a balanced meal, it’s important to keep the right balance of nutrients. Like:

  • Meat Protein
  • Fatty acids
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorous
  • Gluten
  • Omega-3
  • Plant protein

According to his life stage, weight, and activity level, you can refer to our Husky feeding guide. It will prevent you from jumbling up, and you will feed the correct amount of food to your furry pal.

Note:- Make sure the food you are feeding your Husky should include all these nutrients in the right proportion. In addition, consult the vet if you are switching your dog’s food.

2. Monitor Husky Weight

The ideal weight we concluded during our research of Siberian Husky is 50-55 pounds. In fact, in our Husky feeding chart, we have given the feeding ratio bifurcation as per his weight, life stage, and activity level.

For pet parents, it’s advisable to follow the feeding chart to avoid any health complications. It has been noticed that Husky have a sensitive stomach, they are a super active breed. Their body needs premium ingredients that can match their energy level.

For instance, if you are raising an adult Siberian Husky whose weight is around 50-55 pounds and is super active in nature. It is recommended to feed him 9 2/3 cups daily with 3751 kcal per day.

Note:- Before fixing your Husky’s feeding chart, and feeding schedule, it’s recommended to get an estimate of his weight. This can be done via a bathroom scale or visit the vet clinic.

3. Activity Level

Siberian Husky are super active, they have a lot of energy and stamina as compared to other breeds. Even Husky howling takes lots of energy consumption. It can be said that according to their daily activity, they require food.

In very rare cases, you will see a lazy Siberian Husky, otherwise, they are full of energy and their stamina is at a high peak.

As you have seen, our Siberian Husky feeding chart is bifurcated into weight, activity level, and life stages. According to your Husky’s activity level, you will feed him. Suppose, he is super active and weighs around 50-55 pounds. It is recommended to feed him, 3751 kcal per day.

Note:- Before fixing your Husky’s feeding schedule, and feeding chart, it’s better to observe him closely. According to his stamina and weight, select the feeding ratio to prevent him from over or under-feeding.

4. Foods to Avoid

There are certain food items/ingredients that one should avoid feeding their canines. Similarly, your Husky cannot have all types of food/ingredients, you need to have knowledge of which is suitable for them.

Here, are the list of food you should avoid feeding Siberian Husky:

  • Xylitol
  • Chocolate
  • Onion and Garlic
  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Avocado
  • Yeast Dough
  • Cooked Bones
  • Corn
  • Sugar

Huskies are not greedy. They will not snatch food from your plate or dining table, until and unless their stomach is filled with a premium meal.

Note:- You need to keep an eye on him and prevent them from ingesting any of the above food. Or any other harmful ingredients, which will lead to health issues in the future.


How much should a 7 month old husky eat?

Well, you should feed around 2 3/4 cups daily to your older Siberian Husky puppy. This feeding ratio will differ as per his weight and activity level. So, you need to keep a track of his health. Accordingly, fix his feeding ratio by referring to the Siberian Husky feeding chart.

Are Huskies always hungry?

Siberian Husky’s eating habit is a bit different from other breeds. If his stomach is full, he won’t even take a bite from your plate. But, if he is not satisfied with the food ratio, he will demand more to meet his body’s requirements. Even Husky howling takes lots of energy, according to their daily activity they require food.

Should Husky drink milk?

Well, cow or goat milk is considered a safe treat, if it’s given on an occasional basis and in small quantities. Yeah, you can feed a small amount of milk to your Siberian Husky in the form of an occasional treat.

How much should I feed my husky puppy?

On average, it is recommended to feed your younger Siberian Husky puppy thrice or four times daily. The feeding and calorie ratio depends upon your Husky puppy’s life stage, weight, and activity level.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Well, one thing is very clear, you need to feed your Husky the right amount of food with appropriate nutrients. Because they are a bit different from other breeds. They are hard-working dogs to carry out physical activity, and their metabolism works effectively.

Now, you are well aware of the Husky feeding chart, and it will vary as per their life stage, weight, and activity level. Like, you cannot feed the same food proportion, and calorie ratio to a Husky puppy and a senior Husky. There is a vast difference between their body requirement, weight, activity level, etc.

In addition, you also know about the major feeding factors upon which his feeding schedule is based, Plus, it also prevents you from overfeeding your pal.

You can download our PDF of the Husky feeding chart, it will surely help you in the future. Feel free to share your experience with us in the comment box.

Happy feeding!