Rottweiler Feeding Chart – How Much to Feed?


Being a pet parent, you want to share your food with your furry pal and want them to have a bite from your plate and enjoy the meal. But my pal, you just cannot feed him anything because their digestive system is different from human beings.

So, it’s very important to note down the food you can feed to your Rottweiler and keep a track of the feeding ratio. This is because if you keep on feeding him without keeping any track, then you are just adding fat to his body. Eventually, creating other severe health issues for him in the future.

For your reference, we have done some footwork and come up with the feeding guide for you. Along with that, jot down the feeding tips, which will give you an idea regarding what kind of food your Rottweiler body can digest.

Without wasting any more time, let’s dig in and explore the Rottweiler feeding chart, and feeding tips.

How Much to Feed Rottweiler Puppy-Feeding Chart

Generally, Rottweiler puppy food and calorie intake ratio depend upon their weight and age. In their initial days, they solely rely on their mother’s milk and when they reach 4th week they start taking interest in semisolid food. So, it’s recommended to start feeding him puppy-formulated food from the 6th week, and they should be fed at least thrice to four times a day.

For your convenience, we have prepared a Rottweiler puppy feeding chart, which is bifurcated into young and old puppy stages. As per their age and weight, you can select the feeding ratio. This will allow you to feed him the correct amount of food and his body will grow rapidly.

Rottweiler Puppy Feeding Chart

Let me explain it to you with an example, if you are raising a younger Rottweiler puppy who is under 4 months and is weight is just around 9–24 pounds. In such a case, it is advisable to feed him 2 1/2 cups daily and the calorie intake ratio should be around 945 kcal per day.

As he grows and reaches the older puppy stage, his feeding ratio will increase accordingly for better development of the body.

Note:- Don’t worry about their digestive system, feed them thrice to four times a day. During the puppy stage, their metabolism works effectively, so their body needs more food and calories for proper growth.

Adult Rottweiler Feeding Ratio

Generally, dogs grew up when they turn 2 years old. In the case of Rottweiler, it has been observed that at around 3 years old their body is fully grown up. Like other dog breeds, they also reach adulthood when they turn 2 years old.

As they start growing their activity level, energy level increases and so does their appetite. So, it’s recommended to feed them adult dog food from time to time. Plus, monitor their weight and activity level to fix their feeding schedule.

Adult Rottweiler Feeding Chart

We have prepared an adult Rottweiler feeding chart, which will guide you better regarding the food and calorie intake ratio. Plus, you will be able to keep a track of the calorie ratio, to maintain your furry pal’s weight.

Suppose you are raising an adult Rottweiler whose weight is around 111–125 pounds, and have high activity energy. It is suggested to feed him 17 2/3 cups daily with 6885 kcal per day. On the other hand, if your Rottie is not an active one and weighs the same, then will advise you not to feed him the high-calorie ratio.

Note:- Consult the vet regarding adult dog food, and make sure you select high-quality food. Plus, don’t forget to refer to our Rottweiler feeding guide, it will help you to feed your pup wisely.

Senior Rottweiler Feeding Ratio

As your Rottweiler starts aging, his activity level decreases, and so does his appetite. Plus, it’s very common to encounter health issues such as digestion issues, joint pain, and obesity in your oldie Rottweiler pal. It’s important to feed them senior dog food, which includes more protein and less fat.

Furthermore, for your reference, we have prepared a senior Rottweiler feeding chart, which is bifurcated into weight and activity level. So, this helps you to feed him the correct amount of food.

Senior Rottweiler Feeding Chart

For instance, if you are raising an oldie Rottweiler who is not so active, most of the time feels lethargic. In such cases, it is suggested to check the weight and select the feeding ratio. Suppose he weighs around 96–110 pounds, then it is recommended to feed him 3 3/4 cups daily and the calorie intake ratio should be around 1492 kcal per day.

Note:- It is always a better idea to seek a vet’s help before you switch your pup’s food. When you switch to senior dog food, make sure the food included all the non-toxic ingredients. And essential nutrients are present in the appropriate percentage, which adds benefits to his health.

Rottweiler Feeding Tips

Rottweilers are picky eaters, you need to be extra careful while feeding them. Make sure the food you are offering is likable to your pup and contains all the essential nutrients for a healthy body. According to PDSA, “Rottweiler’s diet will vary depending on their age. You’ll need to feed them a complete, commercial dog food to keep them slim and healthy.”

So far we have discussed the feeding chart, which is bifurcated into life stages, weight, and activity level.

Rottweiler Feeding Tips

Now, let’s focus on the major factors like nutritional needs, weight factors, activity level, and foods to avoid, which will help you to fix your Rottweiler feeding schedule.

Keep reading to explore the factors in detail for better knowledge.

1. Nutritional Needs

For feeding the correct amount of food, it’s important to feed him a balanced meal. It should contain all the essential nutrients, which help your Rottweiler body to develop in a better way.

It is recommended to feed your Rottweiler high-quality food that contains essential nutrients rather than fillers. Before buying dog commercial food for your pup, refer to the food label. From that, you will get a clear image of the main ingredients, and nutrient percentages in detail.

  • Meat protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Healthy Fats
  • Vitamins, minerals
  • Calcium

Make sure all these are present in your Rottweiler’s food in an appropriate ratio. All these nutrients play an important role in proper digestion, maintaining healthy skin, keeping joints strong, boosting the immunity system, etc.

Note:- Seek vet advice when you are switching your rottweiler’s food. Along with the food, make sure you are keeping his body hydrated by offering him water to drink or wet food to eat. All these help you keep a balance of water in your furry pal’s body.

2. Weight Factor

Rottweilers are large-size breeds, they are known for their high activity power, and are considered working dogs. It’s important to look after their diet carefully, and feed them the correct amount of food and calorie.

Furthermore, PetMD states, “Rottweilers are 22-27 inches tall and weigh 80-135 pounds. They are at risk of becoming obese and may develop diseases such as arthritis if they become obese. With proper care, Rottweilers live 9-12 years on average.

In addition, they are picky eaters, so one thing is clear, they won’t just grab anything and start eating. But if he likes the taste, he may not stop eating until you take it back from him. This habit can lead to obesity and other health problems in the future.

For correct feeding, all you need to do is check the weight and then decide the feeding ratio of your furry pal. Suppose your adult Rottweiler weighs around 96–110 pounds and is highly active by nature, It is suggested to feed him around 6217 kcal per day.

Note:- It’s important to keep a track of his weight, and accordingly fix his feeding schedule. This will help you to prevent him from gaining weight, and you know the calorie count.

3. Activity Factor

Generally, Rottweilers are active ones, they like to take part in physical activities. It is suggested to take them out for a walk and have fun activities. All these activities help to keep them in shape, and won’t gain any unwanted fat.

If your Rottweiler has high activity level, it means he will need more exercise. It’s likely that his body will demand more calories/food to maintain the stamina level.

For instance, if you are raising an adult Rottweiler whose weight is around 111–125 pounds, and he likes to go out for a walk, and carry out physical activities. In such a case, it is recommended to feed him around 6885 kcal per day to match his stamina level.

Note:- Refer to our Rottweiler feeding chart, it will guide you to feed the correct amount of food. In addition, keeping a balance of nutrients will help you to give him a healthy diet.

4. Foods to Avoid

It’s true, you cannot share every type of food with your pup. No matter how badly you want to share, it’s not recommended to feed ingredients/food, which is toxic for your furry pal.

If we talk about Rottweiler, there are ingredients, which are toxic for their health and if accidentally, or intentionally ingests, will lead to health issues.

Here is a list of food/ingredients which is harmful to your Rottweiler pal.

  • Caffeine
  • Avocado
  • Bulbous plat
  • Garlic and Onion
  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Alcohol
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Milk

Before selecting dog food for your Rottweiler, don’t forget to check the ingredients list. Make sure it doesn’t contain any of the above ingredients or any other toxic ingredients, which can harm his body.

Note:- Once you are done with the selection of the foo, refer to our Rottweiler feeding chart for feeding the proper amount of food, and calorie. This will prevent you from overfeeding your furry pal.


How many cups of food should a Rottweiler eat?

Well, feeding your Rottweiler solely depends upon his weight, age, and activity level. Suppose your adult Rottweiler weighs around 96–110 pounds. He is super active by nature, in that scenario, it is recommended to feed him 16 cups daily with 6217 kcal per day. On the other hand, if he weighs the same but is not active, then you need to cut down his calorie intake ratio. This is the reason you should follow the feeding guide, and as per his weight, and activity level feeds your pup.

How much to feed a Rottweiler puppy?

As we know, puppies are at their growing stage, and so they need more food for better development of their body. According to your Rottweiler puppy’s weight, his feeding ratio will vary. For instance, if he weighs around 9–24 pounds, it is suggested to feed them 2 1/2 cups daily, with 945 kcal per day. You can refer to our Rottweiler puppy feeding guide for better knowledge.

What foods are toxic to Rottweilers?

Your Rottweiler has a different digestive system than yours, so you cannot share every type of food. For instance, caffeine, avocado, bulbous plant, grapes, raisins, milk, xylitol, bones, etc. These food/ingredients are not suitable for your pup’s health. Make sure that when you buy food for him or prepare homemade food, do not add ingredients, which are toxic to his health.

Is egg good for Rottweiler?

Yes, eggs are good for Rottweilers, it is a great source of protein, fatty acid, vitamins, and minerals. If you feed it to your pup, it will add nutrition to his body. In fact, eggshells are also good for his health.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Concluding our feeding article on Rottweiler feeding chart.

Confidently, we were able to serve you the appropriate content related to their feeding habits, and what to look more while feeding them.

Let’s just quickly recall.

Like other breeds, Rottweiler also requires high-quality food enriched with essential nutrients, which helps its body to grow and maintain its health. As we have noticed, Rottweilers’ feeding ratio varies as per their lifestage, weight, and activity level.

You need to be careful while selecting the feeding ratio for him because you just cannot feed the same calorie ratio to an old Rottweiler and an adult Rottweiler. Their weight and activity level differ, and so does their digestive system.

Furthermore, you can download our PDF of a Rottweiler feeding chart for your future reference. So, you don’t need to search for it again while feeding him.

Happy feeding!


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