What is Canola Meal in Dog Food?

Here’s everything you need to know about canola meal in dog food, its benefits, and it’s usage to help you manage your dog’s diet.


Veganism has gained a lot of attention from pet parents. And canola meal is an addition to all the vegan dog foods for its nutritional benefits.

You always want to feed your dog healthy food, and if you have a chance to save the environment then why not. Knowing about canola meal and their benefits in dog food can be of help.

Making canola meal a part of your dog’s diet will give your pooch stronger muscles and improved digestion.

It contains a good amount of essential minerals and vitamins necessary for healthy growth.

But before that, let us know what exactly Canola meal is, and if your pooch really needs it.

Canola Meal in Dog Food

What is Canola Meal?

Canola meal is made using ingredients that are left after extracting oil from canola seeds.

These leftover ingredients are not fit for human consumption. But that does not mean are unfit for dogs as well. These ingredients are a pretty good source of protein and vitamins for dogs.

The proteins and vitamins are helpful for the dog’s muscle growth. It also promotes quick recovery from injuries, surgery, and pain.

Canola meal is also used in the farming industry as a protein supplement for cows, swine, and other animals as well.

But if we talk specifically about dogs, it is still a controversial ingredient for a dog’s diet.

But due to its exceptional health benefits for pets, many dog food brands consider using them in some or the other way. Also, dogs don’t really seem much interested in eating them as a whole.

Remember how you hated some veggies as kids, but your mom made you eat them without you knowing it?

This is exactly what dog food brands do. Here’s how!

Canola Meal Consumption for Dogs

Canola meal is hardly sold individually. But vegan dog food brands add it to their recipes for increasing protein content and nutritional value.

A lot of research is carried out by the Australian Oilseed federation on the usage of canola meal, its processing, limitations, and benefits to the industry.

Here’s how your dog can have a canola meal in his diet. Knowing how and where canola meal is used by dog food producers.

Dog Biscuits

Canola meal is used in dog biscuits to balance protein content.

It is usually added in combination with chicken, meat, etc. Dog biscuits with canola meal are given to dogs with protein deficiency.

To make dog biscuits nutritious and tasty dog food brands add some amount of canola meal to it.

Brewers’ Rice and Canola Meal

Canola meal is also been used as a side ingredient in dry dog foods. It is added to dry dog food in combination with rice, salmon, trout, dried yeast, etc.

These ingredients are often loved by dogs and so when canola meal is mixed with it dogs easily consume them.

Vegan Recipes and Canola Meal

Canola meal is used in combination with oatmeal, chickpeas, dried yeast and other such dog food.

Canola meal is an inexpensive protein source. And so it is added to vegan dog food recipes to increase protein content.

Manufacturers use canola meals to balance the minerals, vitamins, and protein content.

Canola Meal in dog food

So you know canola meal is not given as whole ingredient despite having nutritional value.

This is because the pet industry now knows that pet parents do not give a positive response to feeding by-product meals.

Also, if you feed your pooch canola meal, he won’t like it that much. Here’s why.

Why Dogs Don’t Like Canola Meal?

Pet foods are prepared based on feeding experiments and the food requirements of a domestic dog.

And you would be surprised to know that dogs did not show any interest in consuming canola meal during the survey.

So here’s why Canola meal is such an unpopular dog food:


Canola meal is lighter in color. Your pooch only loves meals that have meaty colors. As color isn’t appealing, dogs are not attracted towards it that easily.

Food manufacturers combine it with meat or meat meals. At home, you can sprinkle it on fruits, vegetables, home-cooked chicken, etc.


Dogs often taste their food first with their noses. Canola meal does not have a particular smell and so isn’t much appreciated by dogs.

This is one of the major reasons why canola meal is an unpopular vegetarian meal for dogs.


According to the Australian oilseed federation, sinapine present in canola oil seeds reduces its palatability.

This makes the taste of canola meal bitter. So it’s obvious that dogs won’t like it as a single ingredient.

Palatability is extremely essential in dog food. Hence canola meal isn’t yet a big part of the dog food industry.

Even if we add it to meat-based recipes, is it safe for all dogs?

Is Canola Meal Safe for Dogs?

Due to lack of research, people are still confused if canola meal is safe for dog consumption.

What our team of experts suggests to pet parents is that canola meals are good for your dogs. This is for the protein canola meal contains.

When combined with meat-based or vegan dog food it acts as a rich source of protein and amino acids. Pet parents should make sure it’s not in high quantity.

Only feeding canola meal to your dog might lead to the deficiency of some nutrients that dogs need for healthy growth.

Also, since dogs do not really enjoy canola meals due to the smell, taste, and color it is always better to feed your dog as a biscuit, processed meals, etc.

Hence, canola meals are good for dogs when consumed as a secondary ingredient and not as a whole.

We recommend consulting your vet before including any food product consisting of canola meal in your dog’s diet.

FAQs About Canola Meal for Dogs

Is Canola meal a by-product?

Yes, canola meal is a by-product of canola seeds used in manufacturing canola oil. Despite being unfit for human consumption canola meals are extremely beneficial as a protein supplement for cows, swine, dogs, and other animals.

What is canola meal used for?

Canola meal is largely used as a protein supplement for animal diets. It contains a high amount of protein and amino acids that are beneficial for the muscle growth of dogs.

According to the Pet Food Association of Canada, canola meal contains 36% of crude protein and 3.5% of crude fat which improves dogs activity, immune system, strength, etc.

Is canola oil good for dogs?

It is a bit controversial ingredient and is not yet tested for dog consumption. But if you want to include oils in your dog’s diet you can include cod liver oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, etc after consulting a vet.


So basically if you plan on feeding your dog canola meal because of its health benefits check the ingredients of the dog food you buy.

Even though it’s a by-product, it is safe for dogs. You need to add it to your dog’s diet by combining it with meat-based or grain meals.

Feeding only canola meals is still a controversial topic due to the lack of research conducted till now.

So now when you go dog food shopping, check the ingredients and buy canola meal based recipe without worrying about it.


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