Why Do Dogs Always Have Their Mouths Open? Reasons & Solutions


Dogs are adorable, and when they make cute faces it’s tough to avoid those facial expressions. But, have you ever wondered, why dogs always keep their mouth open?

Like, you are snuggling with him, spending time, and notice continuously his mouth is open. To find out the answer to why your dogs make such facial expressions, we have done some good footwork, which will give you a fair view.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s normal for dogs to keep their mouth open.
  • If he keeps his mouth open for a longer period and also shows up with medical issues such as tooth pain, mandibular paralysis, or nasal congestion, then you need to be careful.
  • Spend some more time, and assure him that he will always have your back.

Keep reading to explore the logical reasons behind it, and for your reference, tips are also there to control the behavior.

What Does It Mean When Dog’s Mouth Is Open?

Well, dogs keep their mouth open for a variety of reasons, and it is normal for them to carry out such body language.

Dogs mouth open
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But the issue arises, when they are doing it for a longer period, and along with that showing any medical signs also. Then it means they need to consult the vet and start their treatment on time, to avoid any future complications.

As you keep reading our blog, you will know about the logical reasons behind your pup’s open-mouth mystery.

Reasons Behind Dogs Keep Their Mouth Open

Being a pet parent you know every habit, and body language of your dog has some hidden indications, there is nothing without any logical reasons. Similarly, to get the hidden facts behind your canine’s behavior of keeping his mouth open, we have done some local surveys and consulted the vet.

And finally jotted down possible logical reasons, which will help you to know about your fido with better understanding. So let’s scroll down, and explore the reasons and solutions for overcoming the issue.

1. Tooth Pain

VCA explains, “According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, over 80% of dogs have signs of dental disease by the time they reach 3 years of age. While you may think of dental disease as being primarily a cosmetic issue, the truth is that dental disease can also be painful for pets.

Tooth pain
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As discussed in the above paragraph, canines do encounter tooth issue, which needs to be corrected on time.

Due to pain, they tend to keep their mouth open, and with gingivitis issues, gums irritate them and do not let them sit freely. To give relaxation they lick their lip, which makes them feel a bit comfortable.

If you notice such a thing take him to the vet as a tooth cure is important, or else it will lead to nerve issues also, and all day will keep your canine cranky and in pain.

2. Nasal Congestion

Dogs also suffer from severe cold and allergy issues. So when they can’t breathe from the nose, they prefer the mouth. Just like humans do when they have a severe cold.

If your dog encountered an allergy or cold, then you will notice such body behavior. Where his mouth is open for a long period because he is just trying to breathe.

Take him to the vet and follow the prescribed medicine to overcome the allergy issue, so that he can breathe from his nose and not open his mouth.

3. Mandibular Paralysis

Mandibular paralysis is also known as trigeminal neuritis, it’s basically a paralysis of jaw muscles. Which affects the nervous system, and doesn’t allow your dog to control their facial muscles. Due to this, you will often find his mouth open because of his weak muscles.

As per PetMD, “This disease usually spontaneously resolves after 2-4 weeks. One result of this disease is shrinkage of the muscles used for chewing. Once the condition has stabilized and your dog is able to move its jaws normally again, you can help your dog to strengthen the jaw muscles.

Well, it will solve in a few days, so it’s recommended to take him to the vet, to avoid any future underlying health problems.

4. Might Be Making Play Face

Dogs make play faces when they want your attention and time. You can easily identify he is in a playful mood because his body will be relaxed, wagging his tail, and his mouth is continuously open.

Dog Play Face
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So, if your pup is doing a similar kind of thing don’t worry he just wants to grab attention, and play with you, and spend some time with his beloved one.

5. Panting to Calm Down

Well, it has been observed that due to overheating dogs pant much to relax. This could be one of the reasons to keep his mouth open because the air circulates through the body, and give comfort to reduce the heat, and feel relaxed.

Solutions to Keep His Mouth Close

Now, you get a fair idea of why your fidos have a habit of keeping his mouth open most of the time. As we have discussed the logical reasons also for your better understanding.

As we know, every problem has a solution, so let’s explore the best solution steps, which you can apply to stop or prevent your fido’s habit of keeping his mouth open.

Dog Mouth Close
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If your furry pal keeps his mouth open and drooling around you to get your attention. Then in such case, it is suggested to spend some time with your fido, to make him happy, and show him you care for him.

Just like, humans, dogs also go through anxiety and stress, so if your furry pal is facing any such situation. Then, in that case, all you have to do is pet him, calm him down, and assure him that he is safe and secure. Plus, find out the reason behind stress, and try to overcome the issue on an early basis.

If your dog is suffering from any underlying health issue such as tooth pain, mandibular paralysis, nasal issues, and other related issues. In such a situation, take your pup to the vet, and start his medication on time. Once their underlying health issue is controlled you will automatically notice your fido has reduced his habit.


Why does my dog keep opening his mouth like he’s yawning?

The continuous yawning of your furry pal is possibly due to toothache, or gingivitis. So, because of gums issues, he might be feeling irritated, so lick his lip, and open his mouth out of pain or irritation.

How do you calm a dog from panting?

If you notice your fido is continuously panting, and not feeling comfortable. In such a scenario, all you need to do is stay near him, and gently pet his back he will feel secure. Apart from your love and care, anti-anxiety supplements will also work effectively to calm him down.

Why is my dog panting and restless all of a sudden?

Apart from medical issues, stress and anxiety can be the cause of continuous panting, and restlessness in your furry pal. They can quickly feel the negative vibes, and if something bothers them, it will be noticeable in their behavior.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Confidently, we were able to bring the appropriate content to the table, which helps you to know your fido in a better way.

Let’s just quickly recall, what we have discussed above.

They might be breathing, or relaxing, and when they are panting excessively it means they must be overheated. In addition, if your fido is going through any severe health issues, then also you will notice such facial expressions.

So, yeah medical issues could also be the root of it. In such a scenario, consult the vet, and start his treatment accordingly to avoid future health issues, and can control his facial expression.


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