Why Is My Dog So Obsessed With My Shoes? All You Need to Know!


Your expensive shoes make a good chewing toy for your furry pal.

This sounds similar? Does your fido also have that habit of playing with your sneakers/shoes, chewing them, or stealing and keeping them under their bed?

dog likes shoes
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Well, then you landed it on the right page, my friend.

These are the basic behavioral issues that many pet parents face in parenthood.

Addressing it behavioral issue will not be appropriate, it is one of the body languages, they display to their beloved ones for communicating.

We have done fruitful research work and jotted down possible reasons behind your dog’s obsession with shoes.

Let’s quickly dig-in to know better about your fido.

Reasons Why Fido Keep Moving Around Your Shoes

Dogs use body language to communicate with their beloved ones, it’s their way of expressing their emotional state. If your pooch is doing something or adapting unwanted behavior, then there is a reason behind it.

After research, it has been observed that stealing pet parents’ stuff like clothes, shoes, and socks, or getting obsessed with their things is also a sign of communication.

Here, are seven possible reasons behind your pooch stealing away your shoes/sneakers. Keep reading to know in detail for future help, so that you can easily detect your fido’s body language if he does something similar.

1. Your Pup Is Teething

If you are parenting puppies, then you must have encountered one habit i.e chewing. During their adult teeth development, they chew or bite something because it gives them relief.[1]

dog chewing shoes
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Your shoes are easy to target, they can easily chew, and smoothens their teeth pain. It is a temporary phase, once your puppy develops his adult teeth he won’t look for your shoes to chew or bite.

If you want to save your sneaker from your fido’s chewing habit, then do one thing bring more chew toys and train him to use those instead of chewing your stuff.

2. Your Dog Misses You

One of the possible reasons behind your pooch stealing away your favorite sneaker could be that he is missing your company. And want to feel the coziness by smelling your shoes, which contain your body scent.

Your Dog Misses You
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For instance, for a week you went on a business tour, and cannot accompany your furry pal. There is a high possibility that he will look after you in the whole house and obviously miss playing with you, snugging time, etc.

So, to overcome his loneliness he might just take away your stuff like clothes, shoes, socks, or other related stuff. Just, to feel your body scent, which assures him that you are around him, and he can feel that coziness.

3. Stress Reliever for Your Pup

PetMD states, “Dogs who have anxiety issues often develop clingy dog behaviors. Interestingly, dogs can also become clingy if they sense our stress or anxiety.

dog stressed out
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Further also stated, “Dogs can also become clingy if you change their daily routine or make changes in the home or household that cause them stress.

Stress could be the possible reason behind your pup’s obsession with your shoes. As in the above paragraph, we have observed that canines get clingy over time, and they don’t like any type of changes especially when it is done with their routine.

During that phase, they prefer to stay in their territory and surround themselves with familiar stuff. So that it helps to relieve his stress or anxiety and can stay calm for a while.

4. Wants to Grab Your Attention

Dogs are great observant, and they visualize each and every act. Your pup knows when you are stuck with work, and when it’s your free time. So, they try to grab your attention via different body language.

dog need attention
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For instance, it’s your pooch walk time, and you are busy doing some work. He will try to grab your attention while moving around the house gate or grabbing your shoes. This is because your pooch knows, you will need shoes for walking or going outside for game activities.

If your pooch succeeds in grabbing your attention, he will follow the same technique to step out for a fun activity or walk.

5. Out of Boredom

Sometimes, out of boredom also dogs adapt a few behaviors, which don’t have any logic. For their entertainment, they might steal your favorite sneakers and hide them under their bed, or corner of the house.

dog bored
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Furthermore, shoes have your body smell, so this can also be the major reason behind playing with your sneakers.

If you don’t want your fido to get bored often then provide him with new toys and plan out fun activities which will build his interest and he will stay more active the whole day.

6. Fido Likes the Smell

Dogs have strong nose, which means their smelling sense is much more powerful. They have the ability to sense the negative vibe also, if he doesn’t get a positive vibe he will not jell up with that person, or animal.[2]

dog likes shoes smell
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Fido’s recognize their pet parent’s body smell. And when you are not around or busy with some work, he plays with your shoes to assure himself that you are with him.

It has also been seen that canines like the smell of the shoe material. So, this can also be the reason he grabs your shoes and play with them.

7. Your Dog Feel Safe and Secure

Dogs are clingy, and they are very possessive when it comes to their beloved ones. They like to spend time with their family, play in fun activities, and be around them all the time.

But, when you are busy at work, or out of city/state. During that time they prefer being around your clothes, things, room, shoes, or any other stuff which gives them your presence.

It assures your pooch that you are not away from him. Plus, your body essence makes him feel safe and secure.

Why Does My Dog Steal My Shoes?

After a local survey, and taking views from pet parents, it has been concluded that dogs like the smell of the shoes, and this could be one of the reasons behind stealing your shoes.[3]

dog steal shoes
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As you know, fido’s love their pet parents’ body smell, and your shoes have your body sweat, which attracts them. They steal your shoes and keep them in their bed to feel your presence when you are not around your pooch.


Why does my dog put my shoes in her bed?

Dogs have a habit of marking territories and claiming stuff that belongs to their beloved ones. As per the survey, it has been observed that when dogs feel alone or miss their pet parents they grab their pet parents’ stuff and keep it in their territory it gives them a secure vibe.

Why does my dog cuddle my shoes?

Dogs have strong smelling senses, and they easily track thier beloved ones by smelling their body essence. So, the smell that comes from your shoes is very soothing and comfortable for your pup. Especially, when you are out of town or busy with your working schedule, your shoes give him kinda mental support.

Why does my dog protect my shoes?

Dogs get possessive when it’s about their pet parents, and don’t want to share with anyone. So, they are particular about their beloved and their stuff. This could be one of the reasons he tries to protect your shoes, it’s valuable stuff for him, as shoes belong to his beloved parent.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Oh! You made it to the last paragraph. Great.

It was fun reading about possible reasons for your pooch’s obsession with shoes. Right?

Now, you are pretty much clear that there is always a reason behind your fido’s body language.

Just like in the case of obsession with shoes we have learned, that he might be feeling lonely, under stress, wanting to grab your attention for playing or other related points as discussed earlier.

If you are parenting a little one then teething is the primary reason behind chewing or stealing your sneakers.

Basically, if your pooch gets obsessed with your personal stuff, and tries to keep it under his territory, no need to worry about it. Detect your fido’s body language and resolve it according to his needs.


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